The Tragic Prevalence Of Medical Malpractice Involving Cancer

When cancer starts to take hold in the body, every minute matters. Prompt diagnosis and treatment can make a life-or-death difference.

Cancer misdiagnosis is a leading form of medical negligence. In fact, according to several recent studies, cancer is one of the top two serious medical conditions (alongside heart attacks) that gets overlooked. Failure to properly diagnose cancer can happen through several ways:

  • A missed or delayed diagnosis of cancer can deprive you of viable treatment options. It can even eliminate those options if the cancer has progressed far enough, shortening your life span by years or decades.
  • The wrong diagnosis can cause just as much harm. For example, we handled a high-profile case involving a woman who underwent a double mastectomy after receiving a breast cancer diagnosis in error.
  • Finally, improper treatment — such as botched surgeries, medication errors, and inadequate or unreasonable treatment recommendations — can lead to life-altering complications.

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Finding out that you (or a loved one) were misdiagnosed can leave you with countless questions. You may not even know for sure what happened. Hospitals and doctors rarely take the time to conduct a detailed review of what exactly went wrong.

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In a case that was featured on Nightline and other national news, our attorneys gave a voice to a woman who was misdiagnosed with breast cancer, casting a national light on all-too-common failures in the health care system.

Proving that medical malpractice occurred — and that it resulted in measurable harm — can be an uphill battle. It requires compelling evidence and, in most cases, expert witnesses. We have an extensive network of medical experts who assist us in gathering and presenting evidence. The firm's many outstanding results, which total well into the millions of dollars, reflect the high level of service and dedication we bring to every case.

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