The Tragic Consequences Of Improper Diagnosis And Treatment

As a patient, you rely on doctors and specialists to get the treatment you need. You trust that they will apply highly trained medical judgment in making a timely, accurate diagnosis.

Unfortunately, that doesn't always happen. Doctors overlook red flags. They misinterpret, forget or lose results and make improper treatment recommendations. When they fail to uphold professional standards, patients end up paying the price.

Shining A Light On Medical Failures

At the Law Offices of Bereznoff & Little, we have seen time and time again the tragedy that results from improper diagnosis and treatment. Needless complications can take a tremendous physical, emotional and financial toll. For the patient and family members, life may never be the same again.

We're committed to shedding light on these failures — both to improve the lives of victims and their families, and to improve the quality of health care overall. You can't turn back time, but you can work to bring something positive out of a terrible situation. Our legal team can equip you with the answers you need to make informed decisions on how to proceed.

Bringing Something Positive Out Of Tragedy

The firm's partners are veterans in the medical malpractice field. Our founding lawyers will personally handle your case, applying 50-plus years of combined experience.

We are proud to have won many millions of dollars on behalf of malpractice victims and their loved ones across Michigan. While you can't put a dollar amount on such tragedies, we believe that the patients who suffer the consequences of medical errors deserve answers and accountability.

In a case featured on "Nightline" and "World News Tonight," our attorneys got answers for a patient who was wrongly diagnosed with breast cancer — a discovery that only came to light after she underwent a double mastectomy. Read more.

Learn About Your Options During A Risk-Free Consultation | No Recovery, No Fee

Contact us for help if you believe you may have been a victim of:

  • Failure to diagnose conditions such as heart attack, pulmonary embolism, stroke, cancer, diabetes or loss of kidney function
  • Improper treatment recommendations, negligent delays in treatment or errors in treatment (for example, surgical errors or medication errors)

You can also call our office in Troy at 248-733-3065. The initial consultation is always free, and we handle these cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning you won't owe attorney fees unless we're successful.