Failure To Diagnose And Treat Strokes

A stroke is a life-threatening condition. It occurs when arteries in the brain are blocked or ruptured, depriving brain cells of oxygen. If not promptly treated, a stroke can quickly progress to widespread brain damage or death.

The symptoms of stroke are not always obvious. Stroke victims sometimes experience only generalized warning signs such as dizziness, confusion and headaches. For that reason, a thorough examination, detailed medical history and appropriate diagnostic procedures are essential for detecting a possible stroke.

Far too often, doctors cut corners or overlook key signs of stroke — especially in younger people and others who don't fit the typical profile of a stroke victim. According to one recent study, up to 165,000 people with strokes are misdiagnosed every year. The consequences of these oversights can range from lifelong brain damage, permanent disability or even loss of life.

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Pursuing What's Right For Those Who Have Been Wronged

If you or a loved one suffered from a stroke that went undiagnosed — or was not diagnosed and treated soon enough — no words can express the depth of harm you have suffered, and no amount of money can reverse the tragedy. At the Law Offices of Bereznoff & Little in Troy, Michigan, we understand that. We serve those who have suffered great wrongs due to medical negligence. Our goal is to bring as much good as we can out of terrible situations.

For nearly 20 years, the firm has shed light on inexcusable instances of medical negligence, especially improper diagnosis and treatment. Our attorneys have won millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts. This compensation helps families replenish the significant financial losses that accompany medical errors.

Our passion: Holding negligent parties accountable, improving lives and contributing to a better quality of health care overall.

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